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Royer's One Man Band

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Royer's One Man Band
Mechanical One Man Bluegrass and Country Music

18 Song CD, 2004
Recorded live in the studio. Vocals, banjo, dobro, harmonica, and Eric Royer's foot controlled invention "The Guitar Machine" (guitar, bass and cowbell), all played at the same time by one person.

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Royer's One Man Band
c/o: Eric Royer
329 Shawmut Ave Apt 2
Boston, MA 02118

Previous Recordings (currently out of print) by Royer's One Man Band:
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1998 - CD - Royer's Guitar Machine Band
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1999 - CD - Street Bluegrass
Street Bluegrass CD, 1999
2000 - CD - Barefoot Breakdown
Barefoot Breakdown CD, 2000
2002 - CD - Bluegrass Contraption
Bluegrass Contraption CD

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